The name  had its origin in an old factory that existed during the 50´s with the name "Fábrica de lã de aço Viriato" in a place called Cabanas de Viriato, Carregado do Sal. In the year 1964, despite the word "Plastics" remained in the commercial designation, Favir abandoned the plastic activity and switched to produce cleaness products made from steel wire. In the 1975, a new investment took place to increase the production capacities of the company by acquiring a new great production machine of steel wool and wire wool. Later on, in 1991, the plant was extended once again, in order to produce soap filled pads. Nowadays, the Fábrica de Plásticos Favir, Lda is the most important factory in Portugal in terms of the following products: Soap filled pads, steel wool and galvanized wire scrubbers.

As the company is well located in the center of Portugal, close to the main road IP3, the products get fast efficently to the portuguese market as well as to other countries.